Vinyl Copolymer Resin

Vinyl Copolymer Resin is a copolymer resin prepared from vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate. It combines the toughness and chemical resistance of vinyl chloride with the flexibility, solubility, and strong adhesiveness of vinyl acetate.

Coatings based on these resins are:
– tough and durable
– non-oxidizing
– permanently flexible
– absence of color, odor, and taste
– low in moisture-vapor transmission rate
– low in water absorption

Carboxyl-modified type has excellent adhesion to various substrates, especially metals, cellulosic, and certain plastics.

Hydroxyl-modified type has improved compatiblity and may be combined with alkyd, epoxy, urea, melamine, phenolic, acrylic, and isocyanate resin.

Vinyl Copolymer Resins are widely used in the field of ink, coating, plastic processing, and adhesive, especially:
– heat sealing lacquer for aluminium foil packaging
– adhesive for laminating plastics
– adhesive for metal-vinyl substrates
– hot stamping transfer ink
– internal can coatings

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