Biocide protects yout products during transport, storage, and application against microbial contamination. Biocides are added to a system to restrict growth of unwanted fungus, algae, and bacteria which spoil the product. Since microbials occur everywhere, their destructive activity is basically unavoidable.

The microbial growth may cause spoilage, such as:
– gassing
– discoloration
– liquefaction
– gelling
– emulsion breakdown
– pH variation
– odor.

We provide various biocides to serve wide range of applications, such as:
– paints and coatings
– water treatment
– wood preservation
– leather processing, etc.

Depending on the grades, our biocides are:
– broad spectrum
– fast acting
– heat stable
– pH stable
– long lasting
– free of halogen and formaldehyde

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