Organoclays are the complex of montmorilonite / quaternary ammonium salt produced from the raw bentonite, which has layered structure [read more..]

Ultraviolet abrosbers (UVA) perform by absorbing incident UV radiation. They convert UV energy into harmless levels of heat energy [read more..]

Hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) are very effective and efficient stabilizers for polyolefins.  [read more..]

Optical Brightener (OB) designed to brighten colors or mask yellowing in plastics, lacquers, paints, inks, and fibers [read more..]

Virtually all polymers undergo oxidation reactions. Oxidation can occur at every stage of the polymer life cycle, and can change the appearance and mechanical properties of the polymers. [read more..]

Defoamer is an integral component in the formulation of a coating systems. It prevents, suppresses, and destroys foam [read more..]

Dispersing agents are used to wet and stabilize pigments and other particles within paints [read more..]

Slip & Leveling Agent [

Metallic stearates are derivatives of stearic acid. They are hydrophobic, and exhibit excellent lubricating and stabilizing properties [read more..]

Thixotropic Agent [

PTSA is para-toluene sulfonic acid. It has been used in many organic preparations as a good solid catalyst [read more..]

Biocide protects yout products during transport, storage, and application against microbial contamination [read more..]

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